Message Alerts

Message Alerts


Errors and messages within the lab system require that you view/print hundreds of messages when most of them are interface informational or other low priory messages that are of little or no concern to you or your staff.

There is a way to view/print only those messages that you want to see. When critical errors such as:



or application errors that you need to know about right away could be email directly to Helpdesk and/or IT staff as soon as they occur.

Laboratory Message Alert (LMA) lets you configure only the errors and messages that you want to see or be alerted right away when they are critical to your operation. With LMA you can define messages and errors and assign them as critical requiring the system email you upon there occurrence.

One of LMA’s features is the ability for users to add delete errors and informational messages and set critical error/messages to be emailed.This feature can be used to monitor problem applications, communication interfaces, instrument interfaces


Define Error codes
Option 1
Errors and messages that are to be monitored are defined by setting to look for a exact error or search on a word or phase.

Set Email Address
Option 2
Set users that will notified via email. Select to send to multiple users or groups.

Control Error Monitor
Option 3
If user need to start/stop error processing. Example if you are receiving large numbers of error messages of a known problem you may
want to stop processing until the problem is resolved.


Error Summary
Option 4
View or print all error that are being monitored or select individual errors. The report contains the number or errors and date and time errors occurred.

Error Alerts is non-evasive software (monitor) that is a great tool in the early detection and quick resolution of potentially serious problems. Using the Error Summary report can help in identifying trends that can be used to tune you system or fix problems before they start to affect system performance.

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