HL7 Interfaces

HL7 Interfaces

                                 Communication Interfaces (HL7, XML, ASP) ADT, Orders, Results


                                 Hospital                                          Laboratory                                   Auxiliary

                                    (HIS)                                                      (LIS)                                  (Outside Lab, Clinic)

Interfacing laboratory systems

Interfacing your laboratory system to external physician EMR and ambulatory EHR
systems is now  a pre-requisite to achieve successful outreach and connectivity
with healthcare providers.

Need to interface EMR, EHR or any laboratory information system (LIS), anatomic
pathology system, or hospital information system (HIS).

Labins can help you design, develop and implement standardized HIPAA Compliant
Uni-Directional (Results Only) or Bi-Directional (Orders and Results) HL7 interfaces.


Diagram above illustrates one on many HL7 configuration where multiple systems receive medical data.


Development of  HL7 interfaces 

As an alternative to using links and formatters developed by laboratory vendors that can be expensive and time consuming. Expedite your interface implementation with Labins for you Hospital outreach labs Regional commercial labs.

Need a custom HL7, XML, FTP flat file or other custom interfaces, give us a call we can help create reliable clinical interfaces.

Labins has more than 20 years developing custom interfaces HL7.

Setting up process standards, policies and procedures
in interface design
ADT Inbound/Outbound (A01-A31)
Inbound/Outbound Results , Lab, Radiology, HTML, Micro, AP
Requests (ORM)
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources FHIR

Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW)
CCDA (Consolidated CDA)Other
HL7 Routers / Engines (Mirth, Rhapsody,Cloverleaf)
Commutations protocol FTP, TCP/IP, ASTM, XML

During the design, development and implementation stages we use standard HL7 tools allow us to increase productivity, quality and reliability. Information on these tools can be found using the link below.
HL7 Implementation Tools

Save time and money by having Labins install your next communications interface.
We have staff available that can quickly develop and implement quality interfaces.


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