About Us

About Us


Mission Statement:

With an understanding of laboratory rows and requirements. Our challenge is
to provide technical expertise in the rapid development of low-cost high quality
and reliable software. We have an 
uncompromising commitment to customer
satisfaction  and success.

Labins Consulting Services (LCS) is a consulting firm with over 25 years’ experience in the development, implementation and
support of
clinical laboratory systems. We specialize in creating and supporting user programs and add-on functions to fit the
demands of your laboratory system.

LCS subscripts to a methodologies established by Project Management Institute and Agile scrum development
processes. Whose standards and practices insure the best possible product that meet or beats scheduled project

LCS specializing in creating and supporting custom user programs that fit the special needs of your Clinical laboratory

We recruit qualified programmers and technical support (F/T, P/T, and contract) personnel from around the country, enabling us to provide either remote or on-site support. Because we maintain regional technical virtual support "centers" we can better serve your on-site needs.

Technical and engineering staff work from a virtual offices remotely access your site from anywhere in the world. This practice sometimes called telecommuting is becoming widespread among vendors that install and support hardware/software systems. Using virtual offices reduces overall operating costs and the amount of physical office space required, a saving we pass on to you in our pricing of development and support projects.

Labins greatest asset is its employees who work out of virtual offices who operate at increased accuracy and productive.

                                                              For more information on telecommuting follow the link below.

Labins unitizes high speed cable modems, DSL and T1 lines to access your site through a VPN(Virtual Private Networkclient
via the Internet. VPN clients/servers protect your data by encrypting it between the client and the server.

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