LSDE Extraction

LSDE Extraction



Laboratory System Data Extraction (LSDE)

Diagram above shows the basic extraction processes; lab data can be extracted in real-time, copied to a LSDE directory on your LIS system where extraction takes place or copied to an external LSDE system for extraction. After a full LAB data extraction has occurred you can configure the process to perform incremental extractions real-time, hourly, daily, weekly or even longer.


LSDE (Laboratory System Data Extraction) is a full function application that extracts data from the laboratory system and transfers it to an external server. It can be used as a turnkey application or modified to meet your specification. LSDE software package comes with a menu driven utility that allows you to configure and control the extraction process. Extraction control utility is install as LAB function LSDE.

Extracted data from LIS Cache/M global arrays are formatted and transferred to an external server where the data can be accessed via SQL statements or other programming languages such as java, C#, C++, VB, etc.

Data from the lab system is send it to a server where it can be placed into SQL tables or flat files where it can be used for query, reports, spreadsheets, web pages, etc.


1. Create AdHoc reports on receiving server
2. Transmit lab data and results to other networks
3. Create SQL queries of lab results on a SQL server
4. No need to create mumps/cache user programs on the lab system
5. Create web pages and applications from extracted lab data
6. Decreases load on the lab system

The standard (out of the box) LSDE process starts by extracting all lab data from the LIS system,
transferring it to an external server, 
and verifying transfer data.

The following data is extracted

After all the data has been extracted

LIS it is kept update using LSDE incremental process. Once a day(recommended) LSDE scans transaction
global ^LTN searching for specific transaction types.


Below is a video takes about 14 minutes to view it explains the entire extraction process. The video uses Sunquest
laboratory as
an example but applies to other laboratory systems such as Cerner, Epic, Mckesson, and Meditech.

                        You can download the video and software installation worksheets.

Download: LSDE Video and Installation Worksheet


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For more detailed information download LSDE Utility and LIS Data Extract documents. Just enter the email address where you want the download link send.


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