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*  Sunquest®, GenLab Miro, Blood Bank

*  Sunquest® Collection Manager

* LIS inbound/outbound interfaces ADT, Orders,Results     

* Client/server database software design

* Laboratory Instrument interfaces

* Mumps software and hardware upgrades

* Mumps globals to cache mapping

* Technical support

Labins specializes in software development and support
of Clinical Laboratory and Financial Systems.

on developing specialized software solutions
    that address our customers’ specific requirements in the
mumps/cache environments.
Labins is capable of delivering software 
    and hardware solutions using a wide range of development tools in
    the Unix/Linux and VMS Open Source platforms, which
    enable us to leverage our technical assets while offering
    our customers maximum flexibility in designing solutions.

    Custom development services can be provided remotely
    or at the customer’s location to meet our client’s needs
    for functionality, scalability, reliability and cost.

    Labins offers full life cycle (SDLC) project development
    and project management that supports a wide range of



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Clinical Laboatory  Systems
Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA)

*  Analyzing, modifying, and updating applications
           written in MUMPS.


*  Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) Modules

*  FileMan Infrastructure

*  Enrollment System (HEC), Registration
           Eligibility & Enrollment, Scheduling, Patient Care
           encounter, Patient Treatment File, Integrated
           Billing, Pharmacy

*  Create and test HL7 interfaces for LSRP Project
           using VA Message Workbench (MWB).

*  All stages of the Agile Development Life Cycle.


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