Instrument Interfaces


Installing maintaining your laboratory equipment is vital to your lab. We are experience in a wide range of laboratory instruments and can assist you in planning, layout, installation and maintenance.

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The instrument interface a means of communication between the patient management system and the laboratory instrument.  Data, such as tests and accession numbers translates, into a language which the instrument can understand.


Install and support in the follow instruments:

Galileo Blood Bank Analyzer Upload
Beckman Coulter Hematology DL2000 Cepheid
Evolis Chemistry Analyzer
Clinitek Status Analyzer
IRIS 200IQ Urinalysis Analyzer

GEM Analyzer
Beckman Coulter ACL

Abbott M2000rt
Siemens Advia Centaur immunology analyzer
Siemens Microscan
Vitek Microscan
Galileo Blood Bank Analyzer Upload


Specimen Management Routing and Tracking (SMART) module



Create or modify collection worklist.
Verify instruments upload and download
Verify demographics and result on Instrument
Instrument calculations; test and verification which include issues with reflex orders and reflex credits
Verify instrument interface & results processor
Calculated variable based on condition, function, arithmetic expression
Setup communications protocol (tcp/ip address) and hardware, unit test instrument
Instrument-Specific Maintenance

We provide a high level of technical expertise in the design, implementation, testing, support and user training for new instrument interfaces or lab tests

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